Making Scents of the Urban Jungle: A Workbook for VST Training is a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 booklet with a wire binding and clear plastic cover protecting the artwork cover page showing a Golden tracking in front of 3 houses. It is written appropriately by Steve Ripley, CT Zoe, and CH CT Archie. I say appropriately because the dogs are our trainers in tracking and this is particularly true in VST work. This book is very easy reading and logically arranged to provide the reader with a foundation program for training VST. The table of contents helps the reader locate chapters on specific training issues: starting your puppy for VST, A Good Start Routine, Curb Work, Curves, Transitions, MOT Turns, Putting the Process Together, Getting Ready for Testing. The photographs are in full color, on high quality heavyweight paper, making them easy to see; they demonstrate the points of discussion quite clearly. I would say this little book will help make sense of urban tracking for anyone who is starting out in urban tracking and will even help those who are well on their way to earning the VST title. 

An Excerpt from the booklet.

"What I am trying to present here is a program, that when followed, will give you a set of guidelines to help in training your dog for a VST/CT Title. It is important to remember that these are just guidelines and may need slight changes to best fit your dog. But again, the basic concepts should work for every dog."

"One important concept to understand is that building a strong foundation is of utmost importance. Without a strong foundation, then future learning will not always give the best results. With that in mind, don’t rush through the basic steps. If you don’t build that basic foundation, then trouble will happen when you least expect it down the road."



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