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Found It!

  For the tracking enthusiast a 5x7 handpainted canvas Golden about to snoot out the glove!


All Breeds Welcome!


Pile Work click here to order

Pile Work

This is for all field trainers!!! Humorous take on pile work with the dog making the trainer do the work with tennis balls. The dog is running the show complete with whistle and camo hat. 8x10 handpainted canvas.


All breeds available

The Seed is Hope….The Flower is Joy!

Handpainted 5x7 canvas with saying. $13.00

All Breeds available!

Seed is Hope Click here to order Doggy Place Mat

12 x 18 canvas mat for water or food bowls or both.  Bright, colorful and fun!

Can personalize!!


Your choice of colors!


Guard Golden Click Here to Order

Guard Golden

A 12x12 handpainted canvas. All Guests Must Be Approved by the Dog!



Puppies in a Box Click Here to Order

Puppies in a Box

    Handpainted 12 x 12 canvas with all American pups in a box.  


All Breeds available!


Happy Happy Cork Board  Click Here to Order Happy! Happy! Happy!

   A 12x7 handpainted cork bulletin board with Golden. Push pins included. $35.00

All Breeds Welcome!


Family Time Click Here for ordering.

Family Time

Family of Goldens handpainted on 8x10 canvas.