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Country Fare is proud to offer you the newest additions to our product line. A collection of memorial ornaments, plaques, and banners decorated with a Golden Retriever theme. These depict Golden's in various activities. These may be personalized to your specific dog and activity that is unique to that individual. While the banners will withstand the weather, they will last longer if displayed in a protected area. They also make attractive displays in your house. So click on the puppy's to see the full line that we offer. Each item is hand painted, so some of the activities shown may vary from the pictures. The birdhouses were presented at the 2006 National Specialty silent auctions and will also be available at the 2014 Golden National Specialty.

If these items spark your interest then check out the rest of the line.

Bird House Collection

Rainbow Bridge Ornaments

Rainbow Bridge Ornaments

A great way to remember your furry loved ones.

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Baners Collection

Hanging Banners Collection

Tote Collection

Totes Collection